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Robots Can Help Cardiologists To Perform Heart Procedure Remotely

According to a new study, a robot helped doctors to conduct the world’s first remote heart procedure in India, which is a “milestone” progress. The study was published in a medical journal EClinicalMedicine by The Lancet. Apex Heart Institute’s cardiologists, Sanjay Shah and Tejas Patel, along with Samir Pancholy—Director for Graduate Medical Education Cardiology Fellowship at The Wright Center—reported that from almost 20 miles away, the surgeon monitored a robotic arm to carry out the heart surgery on five patients. The five patients were diagnosed with coronary artery disease, which is a condition in which blood vessels are injured and the heart cannot receive sufficient blood supply. The doctor positioned a small arrangement in every patient’s blood vessel to unlock it, which permitted blood to flow through.

The authors stated that this surgery was “successful in every aspect” for the five patients and that nobody experience procedural difficulties. Whilst surgeons used robots in surgeries since 2001, the accomplishment of these surgeries can be a step ahead for the treatment of heart disease. Reportedly, casualties due to cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of death globally, as reported by the WHO (World Health Organization). Remote surgeries will benefit patients in rural areas or underprivileged countries who presently do not have access to medical services of heart disease, the report stated. The authors asserted that the technology can be organized “as a front-line service in areas where such expertise is unreachable,” if paired with “developments in network connectivity.”

On a related note, in China and Japan, robots can soon deliver food at the doorstep. Robots might be the future of food delivery across Asia. Companies in China and Japan have started tests for indoor food delivery robots. Meituan Dianping—China’s largest food delivery company—is checking its uncrewed robots in almost 10 hotels and offices in large Chinese cities like Shenzhen and Beijing said Xia Huaxia—Head of Autonomous Delivery Unit at Meituan Dianping—during WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) in China. Reportedly, in 2017, Japan was the top manufacturer of industrial robots globally.

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